Saturday, September 13, 2014


As I sit here in anticipation of a {hopeful} Gamecock win over Georgia, I am reflecting on all the recent wins that we've had in our foursquare recently. My visions are finally becoming reality and it's such a great feeling!

You may have read about our year of moves here. Just recently, we sold The Fox's house, so I'm happy to say there doesn't seem to be any addition moves in our future. Hooray! #winning
But! We are still working hard on finishing up the foursquare...

You've seen the guest bedroom, the master and the den/kitchen, but there are still several areas to go.

Like our office...

If you read about our leak in this post, you know why this room is last on the list. We still haven't gotten around to sanding and repainting the ceiling, and who knows if we will, but right now, this is 100% the junk room. I have grand plans for this mess pile, but for now, it's just gotta be what it is. I can't do it all at once! (Although, a nifty magic wand would be LOVELY right now...)

I digress. While this room continues to grow fungi of misc. moving items that have no home, decor and whatever else I can't find a place for, I keep chugging along on the other rooms.

But! Our plans do include something like this:

Stay tuned...way, way tuned. I'm anticipating this to be a Spring/Summer 2015 project.

The Guest Room

In other #winning news, the guest room is now complete! I had one last decor piece to add, but I needed to find the time to paint it. It was my grandmother's mirror. I thought twice about painting it, but it really wouldn't have fit with my decor otherwise. Plus, I'm sure my grandma would have wanted me to make it my own. So, I decided a nice coat of white, buffed with a little gold made it the perfect finishing touch to the room.


And, after:

It fits just perfectly with the other pieces and pops against that dark wall. I love having a piece of my family incorporated into my home decor. There is also a picture of my grandparents in that room, so it's fitting that something from their home is in there as well. With the guest room complete, it's onto the others!

The Kitchen

When The Fox and I bought the house, we both said the kitchen finishes wouldn't have been our first choice had we renovated it, but because it wasn't taking away from the historic style of the home, and because the cabinets were wood (hallelujah! I LOATHE fake cabinets), we figured the kitchen fell into the "not the best, but we can totally deal" bucket.

Because we aren't interested in a full kitchen overhaul right now, The Fox and I have decided to just do a few upgrades as we are able. 

First and foremost on my list, was painting the island. I've had the island for many years, and although white is a great color that can be used in most every color scheme, I left it. But once we moved into the the foursquare, I had an itch to change it up. During one of Ace Hardware's BOGO paint sales, I snatched up a color that I thought would be perfect. It took me a few months to finally find time, but last weekend, I grab my supplies and gave the center of our kitchen some spunk. 

The island before:

And after:

It's not quite the color of our master, but it's close. This color is a little darker (and to be honest, probably the color I should have painted the master, but that's just my inner decorator's remorse kicking in...). It adds a whole new dimension to the kitchen and I love it. #winning (at least in my opinion :)). 

The other things we'd like to do to the kitchen are:
  • Install french doors - but this will most likely not happen for a few years
  • Replace the stove with a gas range
  • Build a pantry cabinet - details below

We are using a closet in our dining room as the pantry now and boy is it inconvenient. It's a deep closet, so things get tossed to the back. And with no light in there, it's hard to find anything. Right now, there is a corner of our kitchen that is really just dead space. We have a baker's rack there, but the functionality of it nil. 

Exhibit A:

What I'd like to do? 

Or something that looks a little better than my beautiful rendering: 

Having an area INSIDE the kitchen to house all our pantry items would be ideal. Plus, if we plan to upgrade our stove, moving our microwave to another part of the kitchen would be something we'd like to do. I'm not a fan of seeing microwaves, so most likely, we'd put it behind the cabinet. 

We've completed so many projects in the last few months. It's such a relief! But, like I said, there are still lots of things on the "I want" list. And it just keeps growing. But when don't people have house projects??? 

Anywho, Carolina is still in the lead, so here's to beating Georgia's butt and us being a much more consistent team in the future! Go Cocks!!

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