Wednesday, February 2, 2011

helping the hungry!

Since 2009, I've been part of an amazing board of young professionals that represents Harvest Hope Food Bank - our local area food bank. I have served as Vice Chair for the group and our mission is to increase awareness among other young professionals in the midlands and around the state.

We hit the ground running and there has been no looking back! We have some great goals for 2011 and hope to exceed them by year's end. One thing about starting a group from scratch is the learning curve :). We take one day at a time and always find room for improvement, but so far we've had some wonderful events.

We've just recently created a flyer and hope to start handing these out soon!

I hope you'll join us in our mission. Be sure to follow us on facebook to learn about our upcoming volunteer opportunities and social events! And if you'd like additional information about Harvest Hope Food Bank, visit their website:

Happy Blogging everyone!