Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a long, long time ago.

Hi fellow bloggers! I apologize for being M.I.A. for the last couple of weeks, but I'm here to say I'm back in action. I've been busy moving into my new casa!

Unfortunately, with moving comes the list of "to-dos" like: transferring bills, setting up new accounts, getting cable and internet - which I have neither of at the moment. Thankfully I have a super nice downstairs neighbor allowing me to use his internet so I can do some work! It's amazing how much you rely on the simple things in life. It will drive you crazy!

Anywhoo, after a super tough weekend of hauling my massive amounts of stuff up a flight of stairs into my new digs, I finally have a place to call "home, sweet home." And let me just say, I LOVE IT! It's probably one of my favorite places I've ever lived (minus the stairs - i'm not a fan of those on grocery shopping days). But, stairs or no stairs, I was determined to make this place mine - and that I did. My momma was nice enough to help me and the end result is super fantabulous!

The before and afters are below.

Bedroom Before:

Le Bedroom After:

The Kitchen Before:

The cooking area after:

The hallway before:

And after:

The bar - a must:

The living room before:

And the after:

And that's the tour. Sans the bathroom - that will be taken at a later date as there are still some things needing to be done in there.

On the to-do list:

- paint the bathroom shelf

- hang the wine glass holder in the bar area

- finalize dining room

- decorate the porch (yep, it's got a cute porch, too!)

I'll be sure to keep you updated, just stay tuned. Oh and keep watching for some photo shoots - families and more families :).

Happy Tuesday and GOOOOO COCKS! We better win this thing!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

horseshoeing around and going forward

Things are a-changing for this little lady and I'm embracing the future!

I'm moving this weekend and I'm super excited about being able to decorate from scratch again! It's always so exciting to be able to have a clean slate to start with and I'm blog searching and pinterest-ing to the MAX! I've got a lot of cute things that I hope will all fit together, but of course you never know until you get it in the space.

I've decided that yellow and gray are going to be the bedroom colors and the rest will be pretty neutral. I want a fun, bright relaxing space and I want it to inspire me. I especially like the color combo in the below pic:


I'm super excited about the canvas art I found at goodwill and hope it fits well in the room. I'll be sure to take pics so stay tuned!!

It's most important to me that my new space inspire me to more creative. Of course one of the things I hope to perfect even more is my photography. I recently had to opportunity to photog some of the most adorable kids at the Horseshoe on the the USC campus and I got some great shots. I'm clearly still a work in progress, but I'm getting there! Here are a few that are my favorites:

I've got another family on my agenda for next week, so I hope we get some good ones! Well, I'm off to bed! Got a pretty busy moving weekend ahead of me and I need to be up bright and early in the morning! TGI almost Friday everyone and have a wonderful weekend!!