Thursday, July 14, 2011

family ties

Hi blogging friends! I'm back again after a long absence in posting, but I promise, I'm trying to get better :).

Anywho, to bring you up to speed - I've been a busy little bee in the photography department and really enjoying it! I've been working with a variety of subjects including moms -to-be and moms and their their fast growing little ones!

There is still a lot to learn as there are many things to consider when snapping shots of active young lads and since I'm still working with the original lens that came with my camera , my creative is limited. But, I'm working up to buying one or two new ones to help in getting some different shots. I'm thinking the fixed 55mm is a good step 2, then I'll need a stronger zoom.

Anyway, enough about the technical stuff. I wanted to share some of my work over the last couple of weeks. My subjects were both beautiful and handsome, as you will see, and it certainly makes my job easier when they make the shoots fun :).

Hope everyone's Summer is going great so far! Enjoy the McRoys and the Lyons :)

Meet Mason. A full of life, all boy cutie patootie. We had a great time at the river and boy was he excited about the water!

The Lyons were adorable! The mom-to-be was not far from her due date and her little boys seems super excited about meeting their new brother! We were able to get some great shots of all of them :).

Again, we had a wonderful time at the shoots and I'm so glad we were able to capture some great pictures.

I'm looking forward to seeing what my next project will be!