Thursday, April 17, 2014

Getting closer!

So the day is drawing near...MY CLOSING DAY! All is on track for a closing on the 29th, so keep your fingers crossed that all continues to go well. I hope this doesn't jinx it...ekk!

It's so exciting! I'm so excited, why don't I share some [super cute] pics with you??

The front porch & cute exterior:

The front door with a cute mail slot:

The cute stairwell:

The 3 cute fireplaces:

The cute powder room with original floor:

The cute updated kitchen:

Cut vintage lighting:

The cute and spacious back yard:

Cute updated bath:

Even the walk-in closet is cute:

The cute back deck ready for a party:

I mean! I just LOVE it! This packing up my apartment is a pain, but it will be all worth it when I'm living in my new HOME! Yipppee!!

I'll keep everyone posted as to my first project...that's still up in the air. Pinterest has consumed my life these last few days, so I'll need to do some prioritizing.

Until then, Happy Easter Weekend everyone!  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

movin' on up (hopefully)

Soooo, sorry for the cliff hanger, folks. I didn't want to jinx a good thing; since clearly the other homes I'd mentioned weren't working out for me. But after a long process of back and forth and trying to make things fit, I realized there was another jewel waiting around the corner. And here's the story.

Have you ever had that "why was I so worried?" moment? That moment when things finally start falling into place and you wonder why you were freaking out all those times before?

Well, that seems to be happening now. I'm a pessimist for the most part, but when things are difficult, I get an even more "glass half empty" kind of attitude. I recognize it. I know it's there. But time after time, I fall victim to my negative thoughts. Nevertheless, in the end, it all works out and I look back at my crazy, "wa wa" thoughts and think, "girl! get a grip!"

Boy did I ever need to get a grip. Meet my newest family addition. 

Isn't he beautiful? He's not a penny, but boy does he shine! We found this little gem on a Thursday, saw him on Sunday and ended up making an offer the following Monday. And for anyone who knows me, you know I'm not usually one to make a hasty decision. I usually hem/haw over it. Think about ALL the things the could go wrong. And ultimately make myself crazy until, like ripping off a bandaid, I just make a decision!

It wasn't that way with this fella. I just knew. It doesn't have EVERYTHING I was looking for, but it has about 90% with room to improve or grow. He was built in 1910 (or 1915, we are still looking into that) and contains all kinds of charm! The kind of charm you just can't easily recreate in a new home (like gorgeous hardwoods, 3 fireplaces (yes 3), & SOLID wood doors). Sure new homes are nice and repair free (in the beginning and for the most part), but that's not the house for me. I want a home with a story (preferably not a ghost story) and one with charm. And this guy's got it. In fact, I later found out that my best co-worker/friend's husband once lived around the corner and would play with the children who lived in this house. Crazy, right?

At this point, I'm waiting on the final appraisal, and if all goes well, then, this little lady could be hauling my apartment full (note to self, stop hoarding) of ebonnized style right on over to it's new home!

I'll keep everyone posted on the progress, but there's my news! 

Happy Day for me!