Monday, September 22, 2014

the big 3-0 & fall

In 1984, a little girl was born to two free spirits in Hickory, NC. With an abundant name fit for a prince (my mom said "If 4 names are good enough for Prince Harry, 4 names are good enough for my daughter), Ebonn Yvonne Victoria Thomas made her entrance the evening of September 22. The name Ebonn? The jury is still out. The "story" is that it came from a woman on MTV - it had just come out in 1984 - but I've yet to find any evidence of this said "VJ from MTV." If anyone can find proof of this lady's existence, I'd be very grateful. Until then, I continue to keep my public mystified with it's origin...

To celebrate the big 3-0, the fam and I headed to the mountains for some R&R. It's always such a peaceful place no matter the time of year. And I'm lucky enough to have a birthday that coincides with one of my favorite seasons - Fall. As soon as we crest the hill to see a rolling mountain, I immediately become filled with peace and calm. It's one of the most wonderful places on earth.

Our home has zero cell reception, so it's wonderful to disconnect from everyday life. With nothing but a radio, you can talk, reminisce, play games, laugh and just enjoy each other's company without interruption. It's moments like those that are cherished throughout the years.

And what's a mountain trip without a treasure hunt? Umm, not a good one! Lookie what I found!! He will have a new home above either my mantle or in our bedroom... I'm still deciding.

Because we didn't have any TV or internet at the cabin, we ventured out to the local bar to watch that incredible Clemson/Florida State game. My mom is such a fan of football (not), so I thought it only appropriate to take a picture with the woman who gave me life those 30 years ago (and who can't remember where my name came from...). I should have grabbed the other part of the equation (my dad), but he was outside.

Before we left, we harvested some chestnuts from a tree on the property. How pretty are these things?! It's amazing to me that mother nature can produce such beautiful bounty! The polished look of these gems mesmerizes me to no end. Gah!

On the way out of town, we stopped at my favorite roadside stand. We loaded up on fruits, veggies and fall porch decor!! You can't beat produce fresh from the farm. 

And we took some pictures with the pumpkins/gourds :).

The birthday celebration didn't end once we got home. I enjoyed a wonderful day off from work and did nothing but get a massage, eat and scour the interwebs for interior design inspiration. Thanks to The Fox for a fabulously relaxing day. 

So, here's to another 30 years! Wait? I'm still waiting on my teenage dream of marrying (or becoming) a super rich celebrity to come true... 

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