Sunday, October 27, 2013

ghouls & a new jewels adventure

It's almost Halloween! Who doesn't love this ghoulish holiday? You can dress up as anything you want:

Exhibit A:

Yeah, I'm not sure what I am either. I think I'm a forest fairy? It sounded great while I was super gluing 1000 fake leaves to that dress and making my own leaf wings (which can't be seen here). The Fox dressed up as a Dr. He didn't spend near the amount of time I spent on mine... #slacker #kidding

In addition to sprucing up my $8.00 goodwill dress, I did a super fun Halloween craft. It took no time at all and turned out to be pretty darn cute. The materials -

1. A cheap black frame
2. Burlap Ribbon (?)
3. Batting
4. Spider (Fake)

I took the burlap ribbon (?) and cut it in half. I wanted a mat for the spider, but didn't want to buy one, so I thought the burlap would look super cute and give it a rustic feel. 

Once I cut it in half, I just laid it out in my frame, added some batting and a spider in the middle, then closed it up! 

It was so simple and the end result was too cute! The whole project took me only about 5 minutes. I love a project like that. 

The real reason I did this craft? I was having a PAR-TAY. 

I found this trunk at the Salvation Army. It was a little pricey, but I asked the guy if he could do any better and he knocked $6.00 off! Score! I immediately thought about using it as my entrance decor. I threw on it a blooming mum, a fresh (un-demolished by squirrels) pumpkin and a lantern full of pears on top. It made for the perfect fall decoration.

What kind of party was I having? I was having my very first Stella & Dot Trunk Show! Well, it wasn't my very first, but it was my first as a stylist! That's right! I'm officially a Stella & Dot stylist.

What can I say? I was interested in doing something new! Now I can sell the jewelry that I love so much! I'm looking forward to seeing where this will take me.

If you're interested in booking a trunk show to earn free jewelry, contact me. And check out my site: There you will find all kinds of wonderful goodies for you (or your friends - you know the holidays are just around the corner...).

That's all for now. Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween. Night!

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