Thursday, February 14, 2013

his and hers love and style

Love is in the air! That's right, kids. Red and pink are creeping up everywhere you turn. Today is {in my opinion} one of the most marketable days of the year; Valentine's Day. Now, I like a thoughtful gift like the next girl, but why do we need one day during the year to force people to say "I love you"? Shouldn't it be said everyday? With or without gifts? Alas, cupid will continue and I will most likely continue as well...

Nonetheless, in the spirit of the swooning season, I thought I do a fun and lovey post :)!

his and hers <3.
A few weeks back, I had a good friend of mine announce that she and her boyfriend were ENGAGED! I was over the moon excited for them and was soon asked to take their engagement photos! I of course obliged and jumped on the opportunity! We spent a beautiful day exploring some of downtown Columbia's most unique backdrops and took some playful and special pictures. 

We had such a great time and they were such an adorable couple. I wish them all the best in their new journey together. 

his and hers style.
One of the best things about having a boyfriend who owns his own home? Being able to decorate two places! Not only do I get to put my touches on my own abode, but I also have {almost} full reign at the Fox's place. 

I've pretty much gotten my apartment to where I'd like it to be. Unfortunately, I get bored with it, but the problem? Renting. If any of you have ever rented before, you can understand how challenging it can be. But the Fox....owns his home, which means DIY to the max. By owning your home, you can do whatever you want! Want to paint your door cherry red? Go ahead.

Which is exactly what we did to the Fox's front door! It was a drab black before, but now, it pops! Red doors are fun and they bring so much life to your house! If you haven't already, paint your front door! Some of my favorite colors these days are red, grey, yellow, and mint. All look great depending on your style/color of home. Do a little Pinterest search - you will thank me later.

To continue on the his vs hers style trend, I thought it would be interesting to put some of our decor side-by-side for comparison. Hold on to your we go!

Our TV Stands:

Mine is obviously more delicate and light colored. His is a little more industrial and dark. Both are just fine, but you can see how different styles can be equally awesome.

And our entrances:

Both of these styles are comfortable and rustic - thankfully we are both interested int he unique and worn. All items in both houses were either bought at a thrift store, yard sale or given to us by family members. Gotta love hand-me-downs!

There is much more to share, but I'll have to show at a later date when the houses are clean :). Plus, there is still work to be done, so I can show you guys EVERYTHING!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day and give each other lots of smooches!!


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