Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a wreath for winter weather

Magnolia wreaths are usually donned during the holiday season, but who says you can't display your magnolia pride throughout all the winter months?

Since painting the Fox's door red, we decided it needed a nice wreath to set it off (as if red doesn't scream loud enough already...). While visiting my parents, we thought far enough ahead to remember to grab a bundle of leaves from their magnolia tree. (shameless plug: if you haven't been to my parent's place, visit Not knowing how many we may need, we grabbed a handful and headed on back home.

Said tree:

Said leaves:

One evening when the Fox was working late, I decided that I could tackle this wreath with no problem. So I did. I cranked up the DVR, whipped out the glue gun and a grapevine wreath that I'd purchased at a thrift store, and off I went.

I clipped the leaves at the base of their stem (to allow for a good bit of stem to be stuck into the wreath), then once the glue gun was ready, all I did was start dabbing the leave stems with glue and sticking them into the crevasses of the wreath.

I went all the way around the wreath until it was completely filled in. I used most of the leave, but only choose the best ones. Once it was finished, we hung it on the door and added a cute bow (that we used on the top of the Fox's Christmas tree). Voila!

I didn't want it to be perfect - if you know the Fox and me, we're into rustic. But, overall, I think it turned out well. I'm not sure how long the leaves will last, but the good thing is that it is easily removable and we can create a whole new look for summer! I'll have to put my thinking cap on for that one...

That's it! How easy was that? Just took a little time; but since I was engrossed in whatever DVR'd show I was watching, it went by surprisingly fast! Good luck with your own projects! And stay tuned for what we have coming next!

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