Friday, August 24, 2012

the mcroy babes

I left you last time with mention of a baby shoot for a good friend of mine, Julianne McRoy. She asked me to take pictures are her new baby girl, Leah, and of her precious son, Mason. After an amateur photographer mistake on my part...I was finally able to set up and start snapping.

What a joy of a family! Although far away from that point in my own life, it's refreshing to see such a loving and joyful family atmosphere. I couldn't help but smile at both children while trying to capture exactly who they are at exactly this age. Below are the results:

I had such a great time with this shoot! Thanks to Julianne and Chris for allowing me into their home and maybe I can take next year's pics ;).

Night for now! Yard sales are calling my name...

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