Thursday, August 9, 2012

mac 'n valance

One might say, "welcome to the 21st century" now that I FINALLY own a Mac computer. I know, I know; what's taken me so long? Well, to be honest I'm not sure. I think part of it was the cost and part of it was fear. But, none-the-less, I've made the transition.

Like many other Mac users, we were all once PC folks and to make the leap is like trying to rip off a very, very stuck on band aid - you really want to take it off, but you know it's going to cause all kinds of ruckus. So, when you finally muster up the strength and get your mind right, RIP! It stings for only a second, but man are you glad once it's over! It's over for me now and I'm officially on the iMac bandwagon!

And what else to do once you take the plunge? Blog about it, of course!

I have something else to post about as well, so don't close the screen out yet, but I just needed to tell the world, "I've done it!" Ok, I'm finished. The real reason for posting is below.

A couple of weeks ago while I was running, I saw a trash pile. And if any of you are like me, that's as attention grabbing about as much as a BIG, RED STOP SIGN. I immediately jogged over to it to see if it was worth the digging. Fortunately, it was! Just so happened that the pile was in front of a home that was being renovated and to what did my blue/green eyes focus on? Several planks of pale blue porch wood just waiting to be upcycled. I briskly finished my morning workout and headed straight for the car (well actually I asked the Fox [my bf] to run pick it up in his more than adequate SUV).

At the time I had no plans for my find, but I don't let grass grow under my feet long when there are items to be repurposed!

The Fox has a very large window in his living room and it was in desperate need of some "ebonnizing." But after many failed attempts to bring it to the next level, we were at a loss. Then finally, a light came on! The porch planks! Of course! We shall make a valance that can be the focal point of the window and use other items for hanging the curtains! And that's just what we did!

After several trips to our favorite home improvement stores and lots of sweat equity, the final product went from this...

and this...

with a little work like this...

to finally this!

Hooray! We finished! But this booger is staying with the house. It weighs a TON and we attached it to the wall like no one's business. We'll enjoy it while it's there, but once the Fox moves, it's the next homeowner's problem :).

A few tips of the trade for this look:

  • Liquid nails were used to attach the planks to another piece of wood on the front side.
  • Lots of "L" brackets and screws were used in order to attach it to the wall and to connect the side panels to the front panel.
  • Finally, because we weren't able to find a dowel or a curtain rod to run the length of the window (122 in), we ended up using a piece of piping to hang the curtains. It was a heck of a lot cheaper and a lot lighter to put up. 
Overall, it was a successful project and I'm glad it turned out well. Now on to the next thing! I hope the Fox is ready :)

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