Sunday, May 15, 2011

the mommas and the poppa the question!

Mother's Day 2011 was an exciting year for our little family. My future BIL decided to finally pop the question to my big sis and asked me to help :). Aaand being the lover of surprises that I am, I said "absolutely!"

So after some thought as to how this was going to go down, I knew for sure that somehow we were going to have to incorporate the one thing my sister loves more than her family - Starbucks... I'm pretty sure she pays out a mortgage payment each month to that place... Anywhoo, so without hesitation I started racking my brain, and short of bringing a perky barista to the place we were having dinner, I decided we would just have to use a Starbucks cup instead. Yes, I know...strange, but I knew it would work. Aaand I was right :).

We all ate an amazing dinner and when were just about to get ready to leave, Walter rang his water glass and proceeded with a very sweet and caring announcement about Mother's Day, how much he loved Mecia and how he accidentally purchased a "first mother's day" card for her :). Then, exactly as planned, he says to Mecia, "Sweetie, I have one more dessert for you. I hope you can handle it..." Right on cue, I pass to him a "full" Starbucks cup and he hands it to her. Of course she's looking at us like we have 12 heads, but nonetheless, she takes the cup and begins to shake it with confusion (as I had anticipated). Once Walter realized she wasn't going to open the cup on her own, he popped open the lid and the waterworks began! (See below)

It wasn't long before she whispered her answer and then this began...

Yuck!! Just kidding. Soooo cute! I'm super happy for them both and that means that now I'm a MOH and ready for some high gear wedding planning! Watch out Fall 2011/Spring 2012 - you got one fancy wedding heading your way!

Of course before all this engagement holla-ba-loo took place, the family had to keep their cool. And of course the only way people would think things were normal was if Ebonn whipped out the trusty camera and went to town - literally :). I grabbed up 2 of my nieces and a low country photo shoot began.

Have I said recently that I absolutely LOVE old brick. And the railroad tracks didn't turn out too shabby either. It's always fun to have interesting backgrounds. It helps tell a story - something, I feel, some studio portraits lack.

Well, I'm off for now. It's move night with me and Gracin ;)!

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