Saturday, May 28, 2011

the goodwill motherload, a storms a brewin' and bohemian rhapsody

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! Hope everyone has become fishes this wonderful holiday weekend. It's always a fun day in my book when there is sun and water involved:). And of course I always like to take a little time during this celebratory time to think about those who have fought and are fighting for our freedom. Without their sacrifice, none of us would be able to do what we do (love it or hate it) every day of our lives. Thank you to all the soldiers and veterans for all that you do - we are truly blessed to have people like you willing to fight the good fight.

And by saying they allow us to do what we do everyday, I mean go to goodwill and find awesome deals :). That's right! I love a productive goodwill trip! Normally, I walk out with one or two items, but yesterday was the absolute goodwill score. I'll be moving into a new apartment in the next couple of weeks and there are few things I need to get. Any other time I would usually just go to Target or Tuesday Morning or something, because when I'm usually looking for something specific, I end up NEVER being able to find it a yard sales or thrift stores. But, I figured what the hay. I'm not in any hurry to find a new rug or artwork, so I'll just run by the goodwill and see what they have. Weeellll, I'm pretty sure I was there all of about 25 seconds when WHALA! A jute rug with my name written ALL over it! Yep, a gorgeous little 6x9 number that was just waiting for a ride in my car! I quickly (and by quickly I mean like lightening McQueen fast) I snatched up that scratchy textile and into the buggy it went.

Now, I'm not want for snatching things out of people's hands, but I'm almost positive I would have beat a punk up should they had tried to wrestle me for that rug. I mean finding a decent rug for a good price is like trying to find the perfect swimsuit or jeans; almost impossible! But with a pricetag of only $25.50, that baby was mine!

I walked around about 3 minutes later and BAM! an adorable canvas painting of a black and grey basket with yellow flowers. Why am I so incredibly excited about this vintage find? Weeelll, it was just days before that I had decided to do my new room in gray and yellow! Yep, that's right. Not only was the rug calling my name, but so was this hunk of funky love. And again, with a pricetag of only $12.50, who would pass it by???

And, I'm not done yet. I did another sweep around the place and also walked away with 3 vintage suitcases, 3 pairs of shorts, a cheese grater (yeah, I needed on), some Christmas presents and a cute little canvas painting of a kitty (awwwww). My goodwill shopping spree was complete. I walked out with a practically a whole new room and a smile :) on my face. My Friday was complete!

So, thank you again Veterans for allowing me to have a mega good time finding fun deals and decorating my new pad!

After I'd had my fun at the goodwill, it was time to settle in for the storm that was headed my way. I got all unpacked and started heading to my bedroom and find this...

Apparently, my little man could sense the storm and felt that this thin piece of fabric was going to shield him from harm. Cute = camera comes out = cat shots. (Yes I know, yawn...)

, enough of my main man... :). Lately, I've been going a little bohemian. Not my usual style, but I love the more free, vintage, anything goes feel that comes with it. My new favorite store? Forever 21. Love it! We just got one at our mall and it. is. awesome.

So, before I left for work on Thursday, I got a little funky and came up with this!

Well, it's not too funky, but I'm getting there. Give me a couple a months and I may have dreads! (just kidding. i wont have dreads.) The white tank = Banana Republic, cardigan = Forever 21, skirt = Banana Republic, shoes = Sacha Too, jewels & belt = Forever 21.

Anywhoo - it's time for me to sign off for tonight, but stay tuned, I've got some photography gigs to share :). Night!

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