Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Just a gallon full of paint, makes the ugliness go away :)

Yes, you can hum the title to the tune of "Just a spoonful of sugar…" That was my goal :).

And you guessed it, we were painting machines this weekend. And by "we" I mean "me." Not that the Fox didn't offer, it's just best he stick with other duties, like attaching hinges & hardware…his painting could be compared to a kindergardener. Love ya, hun!

Nevertheless, the painting of the kitchen is 90% complete. 90% because we have to wait on a electrician to come move an outlet and make one for the over the range microwave/vent. There isn't currently a space for said microwave, so in order to move it off of the counter, we need to build a cabinet and have electrical run to it so there isn't an extension cord running across the wall. Once that's completed, I'll finish painting the rest of the wall.

To bring you up to speed, the to-do list look like this:

1. Bring the hardwoods under the linoleum back to life. 
2. Build bench seating for the dining area3. Cushions for the bench seating4. New appliances (Stove, Fridge, Micro)5. Paint cabinets6. New counters, backsplash & sink7. Additional cabinet space8. Close up doorway into bedroom and make it more functional9. Paint walls & trim10. Update lighting & add light above sink11. Build cabinet for microwave (move receptacle)

Not a lot different, but we're getting there. 

The paint on the cabinets is Silver Dollar by Benjamin Moore. (If you need paint, ACE Hardware is marking down all their BM paint due to a lost contact. So go get you some!) And the paint on the walls is Fallen Timber, which is a rich, warm brown color. I really love it. 

We decided to buy new hardware because the other was pretty outdated, but when we went to find new hinges, there was nothing! After a lot of back & forth, we finally decided to just use the old ones. We liked the shape, we could reattach them with no problem, and after a little scrubbing, they turned out to be a great copper color!

What a difference, right! Who knew that was under all that rust. We paired the hinges with rubbed bronze handles and it matches perfectly. Saved us a few bucks and we get to keep something original to the house (along with the cabinets)!

I didn't want to show all our work, so you get a sneak peek here:

And for those who were following the bench project, it's FINALLY complete. Those little cushion things? Ugh, what a pain. They took FOREVER! But, it's a labor of love and the good thing? I know how to make piped cushions now…

And you get another peek of what the wall color is. It really makes the bench pop!

We will continue working on our to-do list, but in the meantime…I'm trying to buy a house!

Who knew it would be so dang hard. Yes, I could buy a regular ole house. No problem. Buuuuttt, I don't want a regular ole house. The house mentioned in the previous post is still a contender, but we have some work to do before it can be ours. 

I'm putting this one in the hands of the Universe. If it's meant to be, it will work out. Only time will tell…

Hope everyone had a fabulous St. Paddy's Day! Is anyone else ready for the warm weather to stay! Blah, what a last couple of days...

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