Sunday, June 2, 2013

may in halves

I guess I'll have to start calling myself a bi-monthly blogger. I just can't get into a routine with this thing! Alas...

If you follow me on facebook, you know I've been itching for a project... And the bummer part? I live in an apartment, which puts me at a slight disadvantage. My project range is less than a little on the sparse side. Some would take this as a challenge, but with no wall painting, kitchen/bathroom makeovers, porch rehabs, etc.; its all about making this place my own with furniture makeovers, crafting and decorating projects.

Apartment Project #128? 
Since Christmas, I've been dying to make a new wreath. I've seen many I've liked on Pinterest, but being the frugal chick that I am, I wanted to use what I currently had stacked up all around my apartment.

Some Pin-spiration using grapevine wreaths (that I had) are:

The wreath I had was....ehhh...a little dated. The flowers had to go.

I ripped those suckers off and started with a fresh wreath. I also had some vintage flower buttons, faux leaves that were actually vase fillers, moss, and a letter "E" that I'd purchased a while back. So, I grabbed all the "ingredients," plus my glue gun, and headed for the crafting table (or as some like to call it, my dining table).

The entire project took me a little over 1/2 an hour, but with my tune blasting, I started laying leaves. I continued to layer the leaves towards each other until I liked the design, then I covered the middle section with some moss (to cover any ugly glue). I then covered the moss with the buttons/letter "E."

All & all it turned out pretty good, and it didn't cost me hardly anything! I think I paid $1 for the wreath, and the leaves/buttons I've had for years - I'm sure they were cheap, cheap! The final product cost less than 5 bucks and I got a pretty snazzy, personalized wreath!

I hung it with some jute string and voila! My ugly apartment door could use a serious coat of paint, but I'll save that for the next renter :).

Other May Funs?
1. The Fox and I went to Dirty Myrtle for a little weekend getaway and had a great time. Best parts?

a. These were purchased:

Yep. That's a Lisa Frank inspired unicorn, and a vicious shark.

b. I beat Mr. Golf pro at Putt Putt. But I'm not bragging or anything...

2. I had a great time taking pictures (for the second time) of a beautiful family! The Lyons family and I made a trip to the State House Grounds for some family photos and had a fabulous time!

The second half of May was pretty eventful, but June 1st may have topped the cake. Can you say, 44 mile long yard sale?? Stay tuned for what I found!!

Happy first week of June!

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