Sunday, May 12, 2013

an orb and jewelry display

Jewelry has taken over my life. I've always liked jewelry, but never really wore a ton of it. Technically, I still don't, but from the looks of my collection, you'd think I wanted to be royalty dripping with jewels! I could almost wear something different every day for a month and not wear the same thing twice!

The latest fashion trends have contributed to my jewelry hoarding and last weekend I accepted a personal challenge of getting it into some kind of organized order.

It had been a work in progress and like many of my projects do, it starts with a piece I find at Goodwill (GW) or the like. During one of my GW visits, I found this wooden piece for something like 2 bucks (sorry, no before pics). I slapped on a few coats of a green spray paint I had and immediately had a cute earring organizer. That simple GW piece ultimately led to the reorganizing of the top two shelves of my jewelry stand/bookshelf. Needless to say, I ended up with this:

I used a silver teapot that I also found at GW to hold all my watches, bracelets, etc. I also added a picture of the Fox and me (no I'm not trying to subtly hint at something, I just liked the vintage wedding topper paired with the pic. Don't get excited...) More of my bracelets are in a depression glass cookie jar passed down from my mama and I also have vintage books around for a good "lift." It was a fun and quick makeover and I was excited by the outcome. It certainly makes getting ready in the morning easier and more visually appealing.

In the same weekend, a furry fellow named Orb took the prize as the winning horse at the Kentucky Derby. We had a couple folks over and rolled out the spread.

The evening continued with more race watching (the car kind - and not something I was overly excited about), but overall the night AND the weekend were a wonderful success!

No major projects are in the works as of present, but I hope to have some time here in the next few weeks to work on something new. Keep an eye out and happy new week to all!

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