Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome to bumble & dola - photography • vintage finds • me

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my blog, bumble & dola! This is a blog for those interested in keeping up with all things, Ebonn - from my photography hobby (turn career if it gets to be really good), to my adventures in finding those fun and unique vintage items, to decor I like/dislike, to maybe even a home improvement project here and there, if I'm determined enough :). It's my life, and you're invited to be part of it!

Ok, the million $ question: "What in the word does 'bumble & dola' come from?" Well, funny you should ask :) Two things, actually - "bumble," is short for "bumblebee," one of my many nicknames growing up as a child and "dola" is short for my grandfather's last name, Pandola. A crazy combo I know, but it sure sounded fun to me!

So, if you're interested, follow me! I'd love to share with you the things that make me happiest in my life.

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